Monday, October 27, 2008

Side Kick Project No.7(Rigging/Binding)


I finished !! The process to adjust the weight after the binding was actually pain in the ass... But I`m really feeling happy now.

Thinking back every process, the most tough part was the step to apply displacement/normal map. Also I had hard time to generate texture in ZBrush, concerning UV. But every struggle was very valuable, and it`ll be helpful for me to have recorded all of these here, so that I don`t need to make the same mistake again.

Anyway, I`m planning to work on creature bust,utilizing the creature doodle that I did at my 2D blog. I`m gonna focus on concept throughout this week, so please stay tuned!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Side Kick Project No.6(Puppet Rig)


So,,,what I`ve been doing for this long ? Well, I`be been studying rigging a bit for a while, and my PC got bugged heavily,and I ended up buying new hard drive, installing OS, softwares...Oh that was a hell...

Anyway, this is what I got. Basically I just followed one of tutorials out there(I learned alot by watching those!). I used riverse foot control system for foot, and IK/FK blender for the arms, Spline IK for spine. I should have made simple animation to show what I could end up with, but , yeah, for now I just put the printsceen images.

I used to feel almost freaked out by hearing a word,"rigging." But actually the process was fun enough. One of the tutorial out there called rigging as "puppet rig," instead of rigging. This reminds me of mechanichal puppet rig that has been used in SFX industry, and seems make the rigging sound a bit more interesting somehow. So I myself decided to call this puppet rig : )

Rigging101: Skeltons(Gnomonology)
Introduction to Rigging in Maya(Digital tutors)
Character Setup in Maya(Digital tutors)

Wanna keep the rig for eye section stay as there are!! :

As always, I faced trouble this time too... Everytime I moved the control object for big scissor(on top of the head), attached rig for the eye section move along with it. I trid to stay the rig for eye section as they are by making the control object(nurves circle) at the root of the eye section.
Then I have the root joint orient-constrained by the new control object. Yeah, the same technique as we use for hands and head. But didn`t work at all....

Next step

Anyway, I will start binding from now, then have him posed, should be fun!!