Friday, August 8, 2008

More fun than the most !

I may need to take back what I said last time, I mean, Texturing is really fun too!! Since this project is my personal project, I could spend as much time as I want, and seriously I couldn`t sleep till I could finish this..., so fun and addictive.

Enabling UV in ZBrush

Though it was fun process, I encounter some trouble. One thing is that we need to disable UV before doing per poly painting in ZBrush, right? But after painting, I enable UV and created the 1k texture as test. But everytime I hit col>texture button, no texture was created. To see what`s going on with UV of the object that I have just enabled UV, I exported the obj to Maya. What I saw in UV texture editor was totally mess, and every UV was broken into tiny pieces and every faces too.

I could use UV mapping function in ZBrush, but I wanted to adjust the texture in Photoshop later. So my solution was to go back to older file, and exported the 1st level mesh whose UV hasn`t been diabeled. After doing texture work, I could just reimport that 1st level mesh, and this time, oh yeah, I could generate texture !!

I guess once we disable UV that we create in Maya, we may not be able to recover those UV in ZBrush, I don`t know, if anybody who read this know about this, please let me know!!

Texture Painting

My texture painting process is straight forward, Starting off by spraying red, yellow, and blue, I gradually overlay skin tone layer by layer, hours by hours in order to make it look organic. Though I have a plan to use subsurface scattering shader for this project(!!!), I still wanted to mimic semi trancelucent quality of skin. For this type of painting, I watched the tutorial below. Awesome clip!

next step

My next step would be to do the texture for the props, and ZBrush work for cloth and hair stuff. Also I will generate 32 bit displacement map, and hopefully I can show you guys the image that every map is applied all together.



Grey said...

I know I taught you to fix your UVs BEFORE taking the model into zbrush.

Use roadkill or UVlayout to get the best results the fastest.

mikio said...


We really don`t use it, it`s quick,but dirty. Also we can`t make UV the way we want it to be.

Also the fact that many student don`t even can`t make proper UV is very sad, I strongly advise you to teach how to do UV manually.

I think roadkill can be used as another way of auto UV mapping, :)


mikio said...

As for the trouble that I encountered with UV, UV that I made in Maya was totally fine, but it seems ZBrush don`t recover UV that we made in Maya after disabling UV for per poly painting.

So, as I wote, my solution was to re-import the level 1 mesh whose mesh hasn`t been disabled.

Another way would be to export obj and use one of those auto UV programs such as roadkill,but as I said, it doesn`t create UV the way I want. But still those programs works for minor stuff. But even in that case,I end up with fixing UV in Maya UV edotor, so...