Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Side-Kick Project No.5(Lighting/Renderig)


So, here is the final images that I got for this project. I`m gonna write down what I did since last update, then also I`ll write down the whole process that I`ve taken for this project,plus what I`ve learned(or just what I thought I learned...) through different try and errors.

Hopefully some of you enjoy this my journey with digital media, and can share some info through my struggles : )

What I did since last update:

As I announced last time, I tried to use sss shader, but realized that I can`t use normal with this shader(or maybe I can? I don` know),,, plus I couldn't`t figure out the way to rewrite Maya RAYRC file registry in order to import custom shader(I wanted to use mix 20layer shader for fast skin sss shader). I`m not gonna write down every process of my struggles with sss shader, but I still wanna explore the use of this shader, at least for props in my next project.

For this project, I just used mental ray`s scatter setting in Maya`s blin shader. But just the use of texture and normal didn`t give me hyper realistic image. I do like the final image, but I wanna know how to achieve gollum type of hyper realistic creature/character skin in the future.
Yet it was fun attempt to achieve subsurface effect with poly painting with ZBrush too.

After that, I did lighting set up for each angles, and rendered out col map/occlusion map/wire image.

The process that I`ve taken for this project:

I thought it is important to be conscious of my overall process that I have at this point in my life. There are many different approaches out there, and each approach must have advantages and disadvantages. The stupid thing is just to watch famous artist`s tutorials out there, and believe that only those approaches are good way, or "right way." What`s hyper important for us is to evaluate those process by each, and incorporate what`s effective for each person`s work/project in various working environment.


2.manual UVmapping with Maya

3.Z sculpting for body

4.Texture Painting with ZBrush for body(poly painting)
*save ZBase Mesh before disable UV !!!!

5.Z sculpting/texture for cloth
apply disp/normal
trouble shooting for applying disp/normal map
file organize
*import setting has to be set to false. But still need to fix UV, by transferring UV of original base mesh that I made in Maya,or simply paste every edges except border.
*Once I used approximation editor to render displacement map in Mental Ray, it didn`t render. Error message was, invalid topology, Without using approximation editor, it did render, but the surface of the object looked very bulged. I really don`t know why... I decided to use level 3 mesh(63872faces) with normal for now.
*better not paint texture on the center of the object..... Unless UV is clean, it`s gonna distort alot.

6.texture and normal generation for the other props
normal /texture apply for props
fixing UV of the mesh that I imported from ZBrush
smoothing props
*right side of normal for Hair is flipped. lower part of normal seems have trouble too.

7.Texture fix
Normal Fix

8.Shader adjust
Lighting set up
Thick Wire map creation with Photoshop
Rendering Color/Wire/Occlusion map with 6 different angles
*couldn't`t figure out how to use simple sss shader.
*couldn't`t figure out how to import mix 20 layer.

intro to subsurface scattering(Gnomonology)
skin paint demo

Next step:

I`ve been planning to learn basic rigging/skinning, using this character. I have no idea how difficult it will be, but if I can put rig in him, I wanna have him pose the way my concept shows(surprised by watching small mouse: you can see the image at my blog for 2D).

or I may just cry for help in here, so please keep on visiting here !


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