Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The most fun stage !!

This stage is diffenitely the most fun part of 3D creation, ZBrush ! In this stage, really my effort to create solid base mesh in Maya has been paid off(coz surface is very smooth to sculpt), and all I needed to do was to sculpt muscle while giving more structure here and there.

Since I modeled primary form in Maya while establishing gesture throuout the body, I could dive into fun part. Below is the step that I took.

level 3 :52,965 : make primary form organic
level 4 : 200,000 : refine primary form, sculpting secondary form
level 5 : 1mil : further refine
level 6 : 4 mil sculpting details

I use Claytube brush alot, and it really gives a feeling of practical clay. But what I really noticed throughout this project is how much I forgot muscle !! My opinion is that the most important thing is to get the habit of using reference of muscle rather than trying to memorize each muscle, yet I really got surprized how much I forgot about them....

After creating Normal map, I realized that this is just for myself, not for the company, I decided to use displacement map instead(though I may use normal as support). My next step is texture, so please keep on visiting here!

Compare to my another blog for concept art, I will end up with writing alot (like this time), but my main purpose for this blog is to show my process and get the critique and advice, exchanging tips and tricks. So please be patient with my bad writing, and hopefuly you guys enjoy my digital journey !


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