Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Side-Kick Project No.4 (Normal/Displacement, Texture)


It has been hyper struggling days for this process... Basically what I did was to generate Displacement/Normal map, then tried to apply them in Maya, plus made texture for the props and little snake(he is there, right under left hand..). I applied every maps that I made so far in Maya too. I`m gonna write down and record my struggle with this stage.

Looking at the project note that I`ve been making, it is obvious that I`m struggling with this stage the most, especially when I apply normal/disp map. I could solve some of the trouble, but I still couldn't`t solve some major issue(you see them in second image)

Import option:
You guys remember that I mentioned that when I exported obj to Maya to check UV, every faces got broken into tiny pieces, right? This was actually caused by the fact that I forgot to adjust the import setting in Maya. I was supposed to set file type to obj, then choose file type specification to false. Then everything was supposed to be OK, but then I found out that every UV got broken(or separated). So I had to fix these by pasting every edge except border edge( or I could transfer UV from original obj). This has been really bugging me, and I really appreciate if any of you let me know how to avoid this.

The trouble when I applied displacement in Maya :
I encountered serious trouble when I applied disp map in Maya. I converted 32 disp map into map file, then I made sure to use proper number for color balance(alpha gain2.2, alpha offset-1.1), and made sure to use approximation editor(create subdivision) for tessellation in Mental Ray. But every time I render, error message pooped up, saying invalid topology. Assuming that there might be trouble in faces, I checked normal of faces, vertices, UV. But everything looked OK. Plus, when I didn`t use approximation editor, it did render. But the result was .... you can see the image that I got at second image. The object got so bulged out that it almost looked about to explode. I haven`t resolve this issue, and have no idea right now. I decided to use only Normal for now...

The trouble when I rendered Normal map in Maya :

Can you take a look at the second image again? I encountered the situation that some portion of normal got rendered the opposite way, I mean some edges were supposed to be bumped in, but it actually got bumped out. I also haven`t been able to resolve this too. Fortunately after applying the texture, those bumped out edge almost were unnoticeable. But I really wanna know why this happened. The thing is I exported each hair things separately, then I imported them in ZBrush, using Subtool and I made normal/texture all togher. Three hairs at the left got rendered fine, but the other three at rigth side got rendered wrong way. So I guess I`m skipping important process when I use subtool for multiple objects, or could be just bug? I don`t know.

Next Step :

I`m gonna tweak texture, then generate bump(for the obj that I didn`t use normal), spec map after this. Then finally, I`m gonna try to use Subsurface Scattering shader !! I know little about sss shader at this point, but I can`t wait how it`s gonna turned out with all of those maps that I created.


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